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A Picture Sells a Thousand Products

Most people know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In these days of image-based e-commerce (iCommerce), a picture can be worth a thousand sales. Klixel8 is at the forefront of iCommerce enabling brands, retailers, bloggers and others to gain significantly greater value and reach out of their digital image assets. Klixel8 does this through the following:

Allows multiple complementary hotspots products in an image
Traditional images incorporate a single link, if any at all. So while you may have an image with several products in display, the shopper can only go to one place to either get more information or go to a shopping cart. By enabling multiple hot spots, each product can display information or purchase details by simply hovering over the item. The vendor has the flexibility to determine what the next action is when the shopper then clicks on the item. It’s the most effective way to drive consumers to your shopping cart.

Places products in a more compelling display
On most ecommerce sites, products are displayed individually with a white background for ease of viewing. However, these sites are missing the boat by not being able to show the products in the environment they would be used. Take for example, an outdoor products retailer. With Klixel8, they could showcase a family snowshoeing on a wintry trail in the great outdoors. They could pair the snowshoes (perhaps a different brand or model on each person), with a variety of snowpants, jackets, gloves, hats, etc. The products are displayed as a perfectly matched ensemble in a beautiful environment. These types of scenes evoke an emotional response in enthusiasts for those types of products and activities. Numerous studies as shown that emotions are a key factor in making purchases. Therefore, Klixel8 can be a key part of your strategy to drive sales through the use of evocative images.

Enables viewing with all types of devices
Klixel8-enhanced images work across all type of devices and operating systems. This makes the marketers and merchandisers work much more efficiently. Simply add your hotspots with the desired action and publish across all your properties and affiliate sites. Shoppers can view images on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. It’s easy, and especially powerful on small screens!

Zooms in for closer product evaluation
Klixel8’s patented technology allows for pixel-level hot spotting. This means that if a shopper zooms into an image to get a closer look, the hot spot automatically resizes with the item. It’s the same when someone pans out to view other items in the image. This is a particularly important benefit for curated e-commerce sites and non-commodity products.

Encourages publishing across social media for viral revenue potential
Klixel8-enhanced images are ideal for social media campaigns. Tap in to an exponentially larger consumer base through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and others. When shoppers view the image and click on it, the image is displayed with all hot spots and “calls to action” in place. Not only that, shoppers can share these images with their like-minded friends. Just think of the revenue possibilities!

If you are interested in driving revenue through image-based e-commerce, please contact us.

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