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Purchase decisions are now made in micro-moments on our phones

Driving Headless Commerce through Klixel8 Images

In a recent Gartner blog post entitled Headless Commerce Monetizes Moments of Truth, Jake Sorofman reflects on the emerging reality in which ecommerce is moving from the traditional paradigm of the website storefront and shopping cart into the realm of where all forms of digital media are made shoppable. Interestingly, he discusses many of the same commerce drivers that have guided the development of Klixel8, particularly around the increasing use of highly evocative, interactive images for enhancing the consumer experience across a broad spectrum of channels. Indeed, Klixel8’s easy-to-use features enable brands and retailers to capitalize on those “moments of truth” to drive sales when those emotional connections are at their peak intensity.

With the rapid shift from desktop computers to tablets and mobile devices for shopping, retailers and brands are transitioning to a more image-based experience. With reduced screen real estate, text-heavy descriptors accompanying product images are no longer practical nor desired; hence the switch to highly contextual images with inline interactivity. Furthermore, social media has created lucrative shopping opportunities fueled by friend-based product recommendations and feedback. Many retailers are struggling to keep up with this ever-evolving landscape and have yet to implement new approaches that fully capture the revenue potential of mobile and social commerce.

Klixel8 enables retailers and brands to not only create interactive images that enhance customer engagement but it also allows creating multiple hot spots within a single image. This means that an image can display several products at one time allowing the vendor to showcase multiple complimentary products in whatever setting best resonates with their target market. The customer merely places their finger over the product of interest and will see a pop-out panel with the desired action – whether it is a shopping cart icon, a product video or other “call to action”. Klixel8 offers the retailer complete flexibility to lead the customer through an experience that achieves that “treasured moment of irrational awe”.

Klixel8 vastly extends product promotion and revenue-generation capability through social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. By maintaining a link to an interactive Klixel8 image when clicked, retailers can tap into a much broader audience than would otherwise be reached. As such, a Klixel8 interactive image becomes a commerce platform unto itself; in other words, it is the “headless commerce” which Jake Sorofman so eloquently describes.

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