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Increase Mobile Shopping Conversions with Interactive Images

In a recent New York Times article by Conor Dougherty and Hiroko Tabuchi, the authors examine some of the issues confronting retailers and social media sites, including purchasing via mobile phone. One possible solution is the “buy” button. This emerging feature allows buyers to purchase products without having to revert back to their desktops or tablets in order to complete their acquisition, thus eliminating one of the friction points that cause buyers to abandon their purchase.

This is one possible approach to solving an aspect of the mobile purchase problem. However, what if the item itself were the buy button? This is already the reality that is delivered by Klixel8, a Portland-Maine based software company that has created an interactive image technology that allows non-IT end users to add hot spots to multiple items within an image.

The Klixel8 approach offers a number of advantages. First, it enables retailers, brands and agencies the flexibility to select their own desired action. This means they can direct the shopper to the checkout as they would with a buy button or could also offer up an info panel, product video or other action whenever the shopper places their finger over the item. In the case of certain items where the shopper may desire additional information before making the purchase, this is a significant benefit. By leveraging other media such as video, it is possible to see the product in action which evokes an even stronger emotional connection than a static image. This added capability can often be the “deal closer” for the purchase.

The same article mentions a comScore survey in which shoppers complain about not being able to see products on their small mobile screens. Klixel8 has a patented technology that allows viewers to zoom in on items in the image while the hotspot maintains its position. This eliminates a critical friction point that causes many people to revert to their desktop for better product viewing.

One of the limitations of the buy button is that it is constrained to a single purchase action within an image. One of the differentiators of Klixel8 is that you can add hot spots for several items within an image. Many retailers and brands show complimentary products that showcase nicely together, i.e. an ensemble. Klixel8 allows the shopper to buy several products from a single image thus providing an opportunity for multiple product purchases while the image has the shopper’s attention.

Klixel8 saves retailers and brands time and effort as well. Klixel8-enhanced images can be published on their website(s), social media sites, and affiliate sites. While the emerging crop of buy buttons may work within a particular mobile app, they don’t work in the ever-expanding spectrum of sites that a publisher may aspire to target. To paraphrase one person from a major retailer mentioned in the article, she didn’t care where her company’s sales came from, just that they want people shopping for their products. Klixel8 addresses this truism that retailers and brands have so many channels that they just want to ensure the sale. Klixel8 provides exactly the means to achieve this.

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