Klixel8 Interactive Images | K Colette Astier de Villatte Ad Campaign E2
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k colette – Astier de Villatte


[k8 src=”7576f072d41fc1db07626da8e470d57f%2F5b08d3c709080eec72e0b084f8a3af1e?cbDoneLoad=klixel8DoneLoad” class=”k8UserStyle” id=”k82″ cssfile=”//app.klixel8.com/demo/hero3/k8custom.css,//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Dosis” datajson=”//app.klixel8.com/demo/kcolette3/data.json.txt” k8userjs=”//rs.klixel8.com/js/k8user.2.41.js” klixel8js=”//rs.klixel8.com/js/klixel8.2.11.js” loadlogo=”https://rs.klixel8.com/img/k8logo200.png”]
k colette - Klixel8 interactive image zoomed in on iphone
k colette web store

Hidden content triggered with a touch or hover


In December 2016 the creative team at k colette chose to showcase the Astier de Villatte line of fine French china carried in their store using Klixel8 interactive image technology. These first-time users of Klixel8 technology executed their creative vision in a way never before imagined by the Klixel8 team.


The result is a beautiful snowflake design composed entirely of carefully arranged pieces of china, hosted within their Shopify online store. As with all Klixel8 Active Images, the original high-resolution image can be explored in great close-up detail. And hovering over any piece of china yields a flyout with key information about the piece.


The image was used in an email campaign focused on their growing customer list. Analytic data collected in the k colette campaign showed that visitors to the web page hosting the Astier de Villatte Active Image had a page visit duration well in excess of the site average, just about equaling the checkout page!