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Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.

— Neville Brody

klixel8-planogram-simulationThis seemed an appropriate quote for the day. Klixel8 can be adapted and have value far beyond the verticals of advertising, brand, and retail. We’re hearing from all sorts of people with new ideas how they can use Klixel8 interactive images to benefit their industry, boost efficiency, and save time. In this case, we’re talking planograms. For us lay people, that is the art/science of creating a model for the placement of retail products on shelves in order to maximize sales.

Imagine instead of issuing your franchise managers reams of paper and spreadsheets filled with codes and tiny product thumbnail images, you provide all that data within a single photograph. At the franchise headquarters your marketing expert builds the display. It’s photographed at a very high-resolution. Then utilizing Klixel8 technology, all the information your stock clerks need can be brought up on a tablet in one or several images. The manager or clerk can get instant information about each product at a touch. They can zoom in for easy identification and all within the context of what each item looks like next to another from top shelf to bottom. That’s a huge reduction in paper and page flipping. And if a few products change, it’s simple for headquarters to update the planogram photo or information that “lives” within the interactive Klixel8 image. Yep… with Klixel8 the digital paint never dries.

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