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As part of Maine Startup & Create Week, Klixel8 had the opportunity to present our early-stage technology and make a pitch for Maine’s Hottest Startup at the Tech Cocktail Mixer & Startup Showcase competition in June 2014. Though we didn’t win, we learned a lot in the process. One of the things we learned: we need to hone our rather tech-heavy “product” summary that appeared in the competition user poll. See below. The other thing we learned, once attendees saw and touched a Klixel8 interactive image, the “I-get-it” and “Wow” light bulbs went off big time!

Overlays or icons on a digital image have been the typical solution for providing information about a specific item within an image. Both solutions obstruct the viewing experience. HTML image maps also provide interactivity, but require a polygon shape to define an area. This presents problems for identifying items that are overlapping or spaced too far apart. It is these factors that have resulted in the majority of online product displays for nearly 20 years to be a single product shown in a thumbnail photo. Klixel8 enables products to be shown contextually with accessory items and complimentary products just like in a brick & mortar merchandise display. The problems faced by advertisers and retailers by small mobile screens is diminished by Klixel8’s pan and zoom features that offer access to product information from even tiny objects. Without the ability to offer merchandising displays online, impulse purchases have been rare. Klixel8 removes that barrier.

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