Klixel8 Interactive Images | Unlock the Revenue Potential of Images
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Unlock the Revenue Potential of Images

Klixel8® enhances and extends the value of images across a variety of media and devices. Our patented software lets you create interactive hot spots in high definition images, allowing you to display multiple products in a more evocative real-world environment. By improving the customer experience and making images interactive, you will increase sales conversions!

Leverage the full range of digital channels with Klixel8-enhanced images to create highly emotive, interactive, and integrated campaigns for your clients! Create viral campaigns by sharing your Klixel8-enhanced images across social media.If you are a Brand seeking to cultivate strong emotional attachments with your customers, Klixel8 is for you. Take your images and campaigns to a new level of interaction! Publish images on e-commerce, affiliate, and social media sites to maximize the revenue potential of your products.

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