Klixel8 Interactive Images | Winning the Integrated Marketing Campaign Race with Klixel8-enhanced Images
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Winning the Integrated Marketing Campaign Race with Klixel8-enhanced Images

As e-commerce, social media, and all things Internet become increasingly visual, savvy marketers have new opportunities to create integrated campaigns based around product and brand images. Until recently, the ability to interact with images has been very limited. Typically only a single link could be embedded within an image that might have numerous products or brand elements. However, new technologies such as Klixel8 enable much greater interactivity by embedding hot spots on multiple products within an image. Hot spots are one or more clickable sections within an image. By hovering over a hot spot, Klixel8 enables any number of actions such as unobtrusively popping up product information, video advertisements, direct links to the shopping cart, and more.

To cite an example, the highly lucrative industry of professional automobile racing relies in large part on corporate sponsorships to fund drivers, teams, and events. The most visible signs of sponsorship are the numerous logos that adorn race cars. Images of race cars with logos may drive brand awareness but lack the means to efficiently drive fans to a website or particular “call to action”. The sponsor may only have anecdotal evidence that sponsorship is having an impact on awareness or sales. However, with Klixel8, the logos can be transformed into links back to the sponsor or their particular products. As a further example, a hot spot could be placed on car’s tires which would link to an e-commerce site selling that tire. With Klixel8 analytics, the sponsor would be able to attribute sales of that tire to the Klixel8 enhanced image. As drivers and teams seek highly competitive sponsorships, they need to be able to demonstrate a positive return on investment for sponsor dollars. Klixel8 is an ideal, cost-effective means to increase awareness and sales and stand out from the pack.

Some of the key benefits of using Klixel8 in this example include the following:

  • Adding hot spots to sponsor logos so that the drivers’ fans can visit the sponsor’s desired site with a single click.
  • Offer the flexibility to incorporate geo-specific advertising based on the location of the visitor.
  • Publish Klixel8-enhanced images to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and others to reach an untapped audience and desired demographic. Social media effectively turns into a revenue-generating e-commerce sites.
  • Allow fans (i.e. prospective customers) to zoom into products for more detailed viewing while maintaining hot spot integrity.
  • If you are a cutting-edge marketer looking for a way to drive awareness and revenue for your brand or client, contact us today to discuss how Klixel8 can help you win the race over the competition and reach a larger fan base!

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