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Interactive Media Just Got More Powerful


Interactive Displays authored with high-resolution images ensure the best quality of Brands’ digital storytelling

  • Zoom in to see details – the higher the resolution of the image, the closer you can explore details
  • Pan around in the picture to explore what is most important to Viewers
  • Precise Hot Spots map cursor/fingertip position to detailed item information
  • Analytic Data is collected at the Hot Spot-level to provide publishers with precise details of Viewers’ interactions with items in the picture
  • Cross-platform: Works on Desktop, Tablets, and Mobile; all major browsers supported on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS

Klixel8 Uses the Psychology of Learning to Improve eLearning Effectiveness


A New Interactive eLearning Format


A new digital learning technique incorporating Klixel8 technology overcomes limitations of legacy interactive multimedia training formats. This sets the stage for improvements in understanding and retention.

Context Learning


We enhance context learning by eliminating the need to turn pages and to study system details separate from their places in the system. This makes it easier for the students to understand and remember the details in the system in the proper context.

Because the instructional imagery is rooted in zoomable high-resolution digital photography, students can examine small items while the photograph maintains a sharp, clear, detailed image. There is no blurring or pixelation as with a low-resolution photo.

True Digital Merchandising is Now a Reality


eCommerce Has Not Lived Up to Its Promise…So Far


The promise of genuinely effective online retail has largely been tantalizingly just out of reach since the rise of eCommerce. Technical limitations of web software, media, and network bandwidth capabilities have meant that digital merchandising has presented shoppers with a WORSE shopping experience than they used to have prior to the mid-1990’s with physical shopping malls and mail-order catalogs. In the physical stores, fine products were tastefully shown in fully contextual merchandising displays. In the case of mail order catalogs, high-quality four-color photographs of well-staged contextual scenes were augmented with detailed product descriptions.


Up until now, though, the typical online marketplace site includes an array of “tombstone” or “thumbnail” images on a category page, shown with some very basic product information.  The product images are normally NOT zoomable, nor are they shown in direct context with complementary products.


As with all previous examples, Hot Spot-level analytics provide Brands and Marketers with detailed feedback about Shoppers’ interest in specific products in the digital merchandising image.

How to Amplify Audience Engagement


As shown in the image at the top of this page, the Klixel8 approach fully recovers and exceeds the concentrated package of actionable information formerly available to the mail order catalog consumer. In addition, the central zooming feature of Klixel8 enables very high-quality imagery to be scrutinized on hand held devices, and reduces the number of steps required for a shopper execute to commit to an online sale.


As with Context Learning, shoppers experiencing high-resolution, zoomable merchandising displays are fed highly relevant details at the moment of greatest curiosity without the distracting burden of going out-of-frame to hunt for more information.

Digital Marketing Continues to Evolve


Over time several forms of Digital Marketing have emerged to join an increasingly crowded field. It seems apparent that methods often overlap in form and function. And yet, taken in overall context these methods differ in the philosophical focus of their respective adherents.


By itself, an individual Klixel8 Active Image can be deployed as a self-contained display of products for sale. As in the example above, each live product image has a corresponding Hot Spot which maps the object to all of the information about it, including assigned URL links to product pages, shopping carts, etc.


It is very simple to combine video with an Active Image to provide another twist on powerful and engaging messaging to Shoppers. This puts directly into the Shopper’s hands all timely and relevant product information, not to mention a fully explorable high-quality image, all right at that elusive point of greatest interest.


Klixel8 Active Images can be used for marketing on any platform which will bear a URL to a participant, opening the way for on-demand delivery of engaging and shoppable imagery-based materials. Even better, platforms that adhere to the Open Graph Meta Tag protocols will automatically populate posts with sample images and selected meta tag content from the Active Image; currently Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ honor OG Meta Tags.

Marketing Analytics Are Essential to Success Regardless of Channel


The collection and deliberate analysis of Analytics is a key strategic practice within marketing. The art of Marketing is laden with uncertainty, since in the end it involves Human Beings and a raft of imperfectly-integrated systems. Marketers benefit most who employ the most granular methods of measuring Shopper behaviors!

Email Marketing Is (Still) a Very Powerful eCommerce Method


Email Marketing is direct way to disseminate a Brand’s story, since all recipients are targeted for contact via an email address “List”.  Klixel8 Active Images are simple to compose in any autoresponder: A selected image (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc.) associated with the desired URL and the copy of choice suffices to send a little slice of a Brand’s store to warm/hot leads.

Shoppable Media Shortens the Shopper’s Path-to-Purchase


This broadly describes any method that provides Shoppers with an easily-accessible path-to-purchase, often incorporating linked imagery. It can be delivered on many Social Media platforms and via email.


Klixel8 Active Images are eminently configurable to provide Shoppers with a “little slice of the storefront”, sharing high-quality Brand messaging in shoppable form.

Social Media Marketing Can Reach Huge Audiences


The portion of people who spend time on social media is growing constantly, now numbering in the billions of monthly users, spread among several platforms.

Wordstream.com has a great definition: “Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals.”

Content Marketing Brings a Softer Touch


As opposed to explicitly promoting themselves, Brands seeking to simply raise awareness through the use of various channels will want to avail themselves of Content Marketing. As mentioned above, this is a very slight departure from basic Marketing, more a shift in tone and tenor than ultimate objective.

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Klixel8 Mouse & Touch Actions

Desktop & Laptops
Hover mouse cursor over products, e.g. jacket, shoes — reveals product info.
Mouse click MORE button — see full product details.
Scroll wheel OR click +/- buttons in corner of image — zoom in or out.
Drag cursor when zoomed in — pan image left, right, up, down.

Mobile & Tablets
Glide finger over products, e.g. jacket, shoes — reveals product info.
Tap MORE button — see full product details.
Spread or pinch fingers OR tap +/- buttons in corner of image — zoom in or out.
Flick finger when zoomed in — pan image left, right, up, down.