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We design and develop interactive, High-Res eLearning.
Zoom. Pan. Click on pixels. Learn in context.

Watch eLearning in action with high-resolution photography…



Smart and innovative learning design brings eLearning content into rich and engaging context.


High-resolution photographs are used to help learners feel like they are there in the scene.


A patented technology is used to help learners explore and engage in a new world of captivating scenes.


Insightful data analytics help learners and decision-makers see how they are progressing with their learning goals.


Klixel8 uses patented and proprietary software to overcome the limitations of traditional eLearning in the area of learning, memory, and human-computer interactions. The software enables a whole new way to learn and interact with high-resolution digital images to create what is called High-Res eLearning.

High-Res eLearning enhances learning by immersing learners in real-world scenes captured in zoomable, high-resolution photography. With sharp and clear close-up views of the smallest details in the larger context, learners are engaged in a new world of fun and exploration. There is no blurring or pixelation as typically found in standard-resolution photography.

The Klixel8 eLearning team has learning designers and technical developers skilled and knowledgeable in the design and development of High-Res eLearning applications. Sign up for a live demo today to learn more.

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